Marked by the prominent Vendome Column, Place Vendome is renowned for its luxury hotels and exquisite cuisine. Located just blocks away from the very place Susan began her pastry education, the elegance and rich historical significance of the square seemed an appropriate way to represent a brand of pastries handcrafted following timeless techniques passed down from the generations of Parisians who built this very place.

Though the process of baking has remained the same, to fit into the demands of a modern world, the traditional model of a pastry shop had to be adapted. These shops focused on selling what had already been made for the day, or what was leftover from the day before. With our online store front, Susan is able to craft your tart to order, when you need it. When you place your order online, you’ll select the day on which you’d like the tart to be available, and the location that’s most convenient for you.

If you’d like to share a tart with a friend for a special occasion, you can also order a beautiful gift certificate that can be redeemed for one tart at any time. These gift certificates can be redeemed online, without the need to provide any credit card information.

Supporting the local economy is a priority of Susan’s so all ingredients used are fresh, seasonal and either locally produced or sourced. For more information on vendors and producers, you can visit the Local Partners page. You’ll also find a list of local businesses with whom we share support and encourage patronage.

If you have any questions for Susan about the inspiration, process or history of any of her tarts, you can get in touch with her on the Contact page. Similarly, we’d love to hear any feedback you may have about your experience with Vendome Pastry!


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The Blade - October 23, 2014